and the celebration continues..


My kind of hanging out usually evolve around food. You know when they say food gets people together? Yeah, I so live by that quote.  Over the weekend, we met up with Syaza & Ilyas over dinner at Carousel. Fiq looooove this place so much. I think if this place has some kind of PPS card, Fiq will be the first in line.

Hancur musnah semangat vegan I. I’ve been on a vegan diet till last night when THIS came staring at me. Ahhh yes, my weakness guys, chilli crab! Sighhh feeling a little crabby now. HAHAHAHA! Meat tasted soooo good seh. Baru into my second week of turning vegan and the cobaan fuhhhhhhhh!

Don’t get me started on the desert. Not in picture is the famous bread pudding in vanilla sauce.. which is somewhere resting in my stomach? HAHAHAHA! I can go on and on about the food here because it is that good! The spread is really generous here in Carousel.   

Spot the April babies!

Amidst the happy celebration, Fiq was called to fly in to Bali for his corporate shoot. What a bummer cause we had to cut short his birthday celebration. And today, we had a feast with his family. I can’t remember the name of the eatery but it’s at Changi Airport Terminal 3 at the dining area. The chendol is so gooood according to Fiq. Ape tak, it’s filled with durian geng!

I don’t really agree with mine though. I don’t know what made me order this plate of salted egg with crab meat char kway teow. Maybe I was really drown in curiosity with the style of cooking. Sound sedap but it is totally the opposite. I guess the salted egg sauce doesn’t seem to blend in properly.  


Nieee diaaaaa, budak kene tinggal! HUHUHU. I guess this is how it felt like to be leaving him for work? He endured the for 2 years and now it’s my turn to be left behind and that feeling is sucky, really. The constant thinking of his well being is my top priority. I sound like a mommy, but really. It’.. normal.

I’m so gonna keep myself occupied and then this happened! Goshhhh, I can’t stop thinking about this bag! Well.. this is distraction kan sayang? 😀

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