While Fiq is away for his work trip, I made time to meet up my CR gal pal for dinner. #naila_ifra is down with the flu bug and we didn’t wanna spend too much time in an air-conditioned area too. Since Dirah and Iffi’s driving, we decided to hover down to WORD.

It’s located at Upper Thompson, guys! I don’t think I’ll ever drop by Upper Thompson if there isn’t anything there. Because.. in all honesty, there’s not much of halal options there except for Springleaf Prata and Badoque.

WORD… yeah literally. The concept of the cafe is unique. You can tell that the crafts you see in there are majorly DIY. From wooden doors that turned into the dining table, flower bulb lamps etc.. It’s really interesting!

We ordered the the bacon wrapped mushroom for our starters and you know la… us being just us girls, we tend to google the recipe. This starter is something that is do-able for did house warming! HAHAHA. I know right, we fikir until raya already ykow..

I love how they turned their menu into some catchy phrases for their mains. Handsome her, Cow-ch potato, and the list go on….


Final verdict? it was 3 out of 5 burgers for me. I think the serving is generous, ambience was a-ok, location is a little secluded now that it is covered by the mrt road works. The burger patty is lack of flavour. The fries were good and thank god for buttered bread too! Price point for 3 mains, 2 drinks, and a plate of churros cost us close to $120. Read the reviews, and I think a lot of the consumers have mixed reviews about this place. The only way to find out is to try it out yourself!

Right, back to my daily vegan and water parade!

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