Santorini, Greece 2016






So we made it into Santorini ever since my last post HERE. We had initially wanted to head down to NYC for 2 weeks, but I guess my surprise for Fiq doesn’t really work out. I had to cancel the surprise and rebook a shorter trip and decided on Santorini. I am so glad that I have yet to book any rooms or activities for us. Well, belom rezeki, it’s alright.

After much research and reviews online, I can’t decided which area I should stay at because apparently OIA is well known for its famous sunset. Not all of the hotel stay in OIA has the best sunset view as said on trip advisor. In the end, I listed out 3 locations with the best hotel reviews and sunset view during the month of May.

  • Imerovigli – Aqua Luxury Suites
  • Firostefani – Belvedere Suites
  • Oia – Katikies Hotel

Out of the 3 listed, we decided on Belvedere Suites because the reviews and photos on trip advisor got us go OMGGGGG all the freaking time. It was a close one between Belvedere and Katikies. Katikies on the other hand is really beautiful but it was too expensive and have gone way out of our budget for a night stay. Since we’ll be out the whole time, Fiq doesn’t find it realistic to be spending so much on our accommodation. We didn’t opt for Aqua Luxury suites in the end the photos on trip advisor was so meh although the price is similar to Belvedere. Trip advisor is like our BFF, the reviews and photos are real, you don’t have to worry about anything at all. At times, the management of the hotel will reply if your have feedback to share during your stay. How awesome?

In total, we had 5 clear days in Santorini which we find it’s more than enough to move around the island. We even managed a short day trip to Athens and visit the Acropolis. That will be on another entry, I promise! There you have it, the postcard view which I always seen it online, is there right before my very eyes. I am so grateful for this opportunity to travel the world with the love of my life. Although it was tough hiking up and down every single day while in Santorini, it was all worth it! Alhamdulillah 🙂



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