Athens, Greece 2016



Since we had 5 clear days to spend in Santorini, I decided to plot a day trip to Athens to visit the well known Acropolis, Olympic stadium & The temple of Zeus. For some reason I know we won’t be visiting Athens again unless if we are planning to visit other parts of the Greek islands. (which is very unlikely!)

The flight into and out of Athen to Santorini is only 20mins, and I wouldn’t mind paying that additional 100odd euro for flight instead of taking the 7hours boar ride. IMHO, it’s a waste of time, really.

This trip has definitely rain me out cause we’ve been on our foot most of the times and we’ve been hiing up and down the hills almost everywhere. An experience definitely! Mana tau next time I boleh mendaki Mt. Bromo next? Yikes! I better not give ideas to all this hiking activity, Fiq is all up for it! Hehehe! That’s it for our first trip of the year. We’re planting another short trip on our anniversary, but of course, the house comes first and everything else can wait. Come on Iceland, make my wish come true! ❤

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