House update!

Since I could not get myself to sleep last night, I decided to check out my BTO page and I was beaming with glee! The carpark is finally done and painted! Woohoo.. Another milestone unlock seh. I hope we get to move in by first quarter of next year. This BTO project seemed to take forever to be completed. Good thing, the metal barriers da dibukak sedikit!


I don’t know how my neighbours got in to take these photos of our unit, but I am glad that person did. HDB doesn’t really update on the progress of our unit that much. They do, but not in depth like how proactive my future neighbours are. LOLS!

On another note, alot of our friends loveeeeee our house layout. We are very lucky that our standard 4-room give us room to hack the kitchen wall. As you can see below, our living area kinda look spacious. There’s two spaces you can make use of; 1) in the dining area and 2) the other one towards the kitchen.


(Fiq’s cousin) CT’s house layout is exactly like ours and it is spacious! Ultimately, it all boils down how spacious you want your home to be. The more you go for minimal the better? I guess so. I am thinking of turning that small corner into a reading/relax corner. Imagine this… rocking chair/OSIM chair, coffee table and a tall lamp, wow! How cosy/relaxing! Sighhh banyak berangan lah. Kunci blom dapat, dah berangan macam-macam gurrrl.

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