Hello, anyone’s home?

Hey everyone!! Look who’s back from quite a long break? It wasn’t intentional guiseee. My Macbook died on me a month back and I had to bring it back to the service centre to change its mortar board and that thing cost me $900 okay?! Mahal nak mampos.

I drop hints to Fiq to get me the new gold Macbook Air, member buat deeeeerk je okay. Nasib macam kentang because after collection of my Macbook, my Olympus plak decided to kapoot on me. Oh my! That’s another headache. I really gotta get my things together because the wedding season is back! & that means, I need the Olympus to take nice looking photos of FBS for me. Geeeezz.

Well as you can see, I have so much things to blabber about. I have a pending Hari Raya post which I think I’ll compile everything in one post cause I is tak sanggup nak break it down for all the different Raya outings with my friends. Did I mention that I have another 2 outfit which I have yet to don? Kerja giler guiseeee. Nak beraya tapi busy gilerrrr!

Be right back guiseee, while I get myself busy with the draft.

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