Hari Raya 2016



I dont really have to describe about my celebrations cause everything about it been great! Not only we bonded over food, we actually talk and catch up on lost times and laugh about things that were really silly. This year Raya celebration is kinda special for me, as this home that my mom had built is gonna move on to a new direction, in another words.. we’ll be moving out soon. I am really excited about moving in to our new place guiseee!

My only tailored outfit worn on the first Syawal in grey with gold lace. The other two outfits are from Fiziwoo dodol series and Lilypetuna pareo dress. I have another 2 outfit from IANSHAMKL  & Saiful Bahrim label which I have yet to worn. Yeah this year I am all out for Malaysian designer’s baju. I am even considering of making one for myself next year. Amboi!

There you have it, my celebrations with people that mattered the most to me. I am really glad that we made time for each other 😀

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