Life’s en-pointe


The other week, Sham invited me to the launch of Bibir at En Pointe boutique. As usual, me being me, I bolot every colours they have in store. Sometimes I don’t know why I need so much make up seh?! My favourite has got to be Sansparkle, Rarity and Trixie! If you get the chance to purchase, you should own these basic colours! Going for $22 is alright kan?

I’ve been patronising ‘All Things Delicious’ the past week sampai the girls there da tahu what my order for dining in gonna be like. This time round, I decided to give it a try at their all day breakfast. Seen here is their Hearty Breakfast meal. I love how they did the eggs! It’s like half boil eggs but on a pan! Classsss!

To sum it up, everything’s divine! Not forgetting my favourite, Earl Grey Latte to cool myself off. The weather’s been crayyyyy!


Other than food, make up and friends.. we’ve been pretty much occupied. Sunday’s never felt this good! Spending time with my better half and do what we do best, be silly! Life’s too short to take things for granted. This one is always up to some funny pose lately, come on darling… smile for the camera please? ❤



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