28 days till 2017

My life has been really occupied these days. Handling full time job, handling flowers, meeting clients and yoga. I hardly have time to go to the salon to get my hair fix! Life has been pretty much hectic I would say. I guess, that what I’ve signed up for the moment I decide to go all our for #fleursbyspoleczny.

Other than no time to get my hair fix, I hardly have any time for friends and family these days. Friends time is more like when weekends come and it’s unplanned kinda date night. I can never plan ahead, cause there’s something always crop up at the last minute; be it work or FBS related. I feel really bad not hanging with my friends.

It’s time for me to list out things I wanna achieve in 2017. Definitely not gonna be easy, but i’ll pull through what I can aim for.

2016 is the year where I fell hard and pull myself up even harder. The year that made me who I am today. Can’t wait to read what have I done in 2016 with Fiq. He’s away in Christchurch at the moment now. Goshh I miss him 😀

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