The eleventh hour before 2017


Well, as usual, I am mind block each time my hands are on the macbook. While at work earlier on, I had 101 things to blog about.. and then suddenly it went poof!

To summarise 2016, it’s been a great year in both personal & business. One of my many resolutions, is to sign up yoga class and what do you know.. I signed up like finally! Can’t say I lost much weight, but the tremendous stretching is enough to kill me each time. I can finally lift myself up ❤

Secondly, I re-take my driving license which have been overdue by 5years! The last time I did my theory test was when I was dating Fiq. Lost my mojo somewhere and here I am back at it again. I hope to pass before I turn 30 *crosses fingers*

Thirdly, which is kind of unexpected for me. I had the privilege of doing flower collaboration for both wedding & non wedding related. Alhamdulillah, I can’t thank HIM enough for all the abundance of rezeki that came my way.

Fourthly, I finally completed my resignation letter. This was the hardest decision I ever made. You know, I have never been self employed before and with FBS growing so well, I couldn’t juggle between my FTJ and FBS. I know I had to choose the latter. Guess this is it huh? The question is when I’m gonna submit this letter full of emotions to the people who I’ve worked with the past 4 years. My CC family 😦

Amidst all these achievements that I’ve listed, there are also amongst those unsuccessful ones along the way. These are the obstacles that I shall take it in my stride and strive better insha allah. Both the good and the bad and the uncertainty comes from HIM. Know that he knows when it’s the right time for me. In you I trust for all the paths that’s designated for me. Redha, Tawwakkal & constant Du’as.

2017, I can only hope for the better. Better for my ownself. Better for the people around me.. my family & friends. Better for us. May all of us achieve greater heights and all of your hopes and dreams come true ❤


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