Home reno- checked!

I haven’t talk much on our house progress eversince the last post. Just like many of you, I am also anxiously waiting for my unit to be ready. Our FB groupies made us kancheong you know.. alot of them are already on the hunt for ID’s / contractors already.

And us? We are still finding the right pieces off pinterest to put everything together! HAHAHAHA.

Two nights ago, on my IG popular feed, I came across an ID quite well known by a top influencer having some kind of collaboration promo this CNY. The deals are kinda good to be true. Without any hesitation, I made Fiq send an email to them for appointment. That same night, I spent the entire night reading up reviews about this ID company. A name that is probably quite well known in the interior indistry, Icon Interior Design.

Fiq got us an appointment on the 3rd day of CNY and throughout or journey to the showroom, we kept asking ourselves if we’re too early to have a meet up with an ID at this point of time. Kinda late to think about that cause we have turned ourselves into a kiasu home owners.

They’re located at 441 Macpherson Road. We missed their shophouse thrice! I don’t know if their shop is kinda difficult to find or we are just too excited sampai tak nampak kedai dorang! HAHAH.

Medz was our project manager and we really like his style of work. Very professional and informative. Little did I know there’s so much stuff to consider while building this house of ours. From the hacking of the walls , kitchen, carpentry works at the laundry area to our masterbed room. SO MANY THINGS TO LIST OUT OMG!


In short, we paid a deposit and we’re pretty much confirmed with our choice of ID. That’s just an estimated figure for our 4RM flat, but according to Medz, it may even be lower. With all that hackings and all, I am pretty pleased with the initial draft. I did my homework actually, & apparently right now the price range for ID will be between $30k to $50k.. So I’m like in the middle? HAHAHA.


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