1 – There’s always a first to everything

Sorry for the lack of updates guys (is there anyone still reading this blog?). I have been on my toes since the day I left CC. The date was 1st April 2017. I’ve been told that if you’re gonna pursue something bigger and bolder, you have to get out of your comfort zone. & I did.

Apart from quiting my job, I decided to go for something which both Fiq and I have been discussing about but didn’t really had the chance to decide if we’re ready to go through this once and for all.

Yes. Trying to conceive.

Onwards to our 4th year of marriage and with still no baby in tow… Depressing much? Not for us at least. Our main priority was our concern if there is anything wrong internally. This blog post with the tag #pursuitofmiracle is dedicated to all of my entries from day 1 trying to find that miracle in us to form a beautiful ending. It may sound ridiculous to you trying to jot down every single detail but trust me, it’s not easy.

Not even easy for us trying to answer to people around explaning to them why we’re still child-less. Why we never ber-urut or berusaha. Like really? Well, as much as we think we know it all, we do seek opinions from our in-laws and friends whom went through the same process as we know it as IVF.

Appointment 1.

It was the eve of Valentines (13th February 2017), I booked an appointment with Dr. Sadhana Nadarajah for our first introductory consultation. The consultation is more like a pre check-up of your RBC, BP, H&W and for your spouse; his sperm count. We short-listed a few hospitals and specialist & decided to choose KKH.

Why KKH you ask?

The main reason for opting KKH is that Dr. Sadhana not only consult patients in KKH, she does appointment with clients in her other sub-clinics in Thomson Fertility Centre. I have friends whom always having trouble trying to fix a scan appointment and the most irritating part of it all, they have to wait for months before their turn. Trust me, it’ll get really frustrating! (For me that is!) I am so glad that we chose Dr. Sadhana because not only she is good with her patients, she gives you an option to go to her clinic at Thomson to avoid the long wait for an appointment date.

Initially, I had wanted to go to the nearest polyclinic to get a referal letter for the fertility consultation but somehow my gut feeling tells me that I might have to wait quite a bit to get an appointment date. So I decided to call the health line to find out what are the options I have and compare it with or without a referal letter.

I called and I was really glad that the PSA whom attended to me was really nice and explained to me in detailed exactly what I had wanted to know. Obviously, if you’d prefer to get the referal letter, the chances of getting an appointment date varies and the wait might even be longer. She suggested that I should consider walk-in. As most of us know, when you walk in.. you are as good as a private patient. Which I do not mind, because I get to choose the gynae that I would like to consult. Alhamdulillah, we got Dr. Sadhana to attend to our needs.

The PSA informed me that there are certain cases, when you got a referal letter, the gynae may not be the same person all the time attending to you. But if you have a certain gynae that you’d like, I would say.. go with the walk-in and everything else will be in place. Have faith.

Below is the invoice of my very first appointment. I kind of expected it to this range since I have decided to walk in to the hospital. Im not sure if every patient will have to go through the same kind of laboratory investigations, but below is my own personal and there is no right or wrong when it comes to your own body.

Pursuit of miracle 1-1

Dr. Sadhana had wanted to fix me an appointment for a detailed scan on my womb. She mentioned that in KKH, the wait is really really really really far ahead. Can you imagine I visited her in February and the next appointment available is in May?!! Goodness gracious. Now you understand why alot of patients would rather go to a private hospital? Now I do too and right at this point, I am so glad that I opted to walk in as a private patient. She gave me some forms to contact the XRAY department in Thomson to fix a scan date for me and alhamdulillah, I got an appointment date 2 weeks after my first appointment with Dr. Sadhana.

Things have been looking fine this far, more of my many other stories in the next blog post. Alhamdulillah, thank you for making it easy for us ❤


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