2. The womb, the ovary and the cervix

Appointment 2.

Two weeks after our first consultation with Dr. Sadhana, I was scheduled for a detailed scan of my womb in Thomson Fetility Centre. Of course, just like any typical Singaporean, we’d be thinking how much expensive as compared to a goverment hospital? It’s normal, you don’t have to be shy about it. Well, not for us the least. We asked, and she told us the price is comparable to KKH, and because we walked in as a private patient.. it makes no difference.

Point taken doctor!

So the day came, and of all days that I had scheduled for the scan…. my period started 2 days back! The horror man! I mean it’s a friggin’ bloody situation. How can I let the nurses just go with it? (although I know test results are always better when you’re having your period)

I called the scan department at TFC, and the PSA was really kind and told me not to worry at all. (Is it just me or all PSA are paid to make you hear the things you wanna hear eh? So calm and soothing) She added on that test results are mostly accurate when you’re having your period. Okaaayyyy…..

My number’s called and that few seconds of walking to the radiation room felt like forever. Few things that came through my mind

  • my period stain
  • what if my blood drips all over the floor
  • to clean up the mess after the session (talk about priorities eh!)

The procedure; They slipped a condom onto the tube before inserting it into my vagina. From the screen, it looked theyre trying to find any abnormalities within the cervix, womb and the ovary. It tooked awhile for the specialist say about 30mins I was in. The feeling? It’s uncomfortable but bearable.

After the detailed scan, we were told to wait for an hour for the results. So we went for lunch and TFC has little options for dining. Can you imagine my hunger and the need to walk to the nearest mall is so OMG. Took a cab and apek was giving us the death stare like “it’s only 10mins away you know?!” – it’s okay uncle, i’ll pay that $5 fare cause unlike you, my vagina is screaming in awkwardness mess and secondly.. I am hungry. hahaha. Sorry guys, no better words to explain the uncomfortable feeling down there.

Lunch done and an hour has passed… I received my scan results. Like the scene of Grey’s Anatomy, I had images of me breaking down like you know.. the what if there’s something in there or whatever it is. Drama, I know.. but I can’t help myself to feel this way. It’s only normal.

Well hello there! Sharing with you images of my womb & ovary. According to the diagnosis, there is something found on my womb wall. Estimated to be 1cm and they suspected it’s some kind of lymphnod. As usual, I googled and there’s just too many negative energy running through me. Fiq was right, I shouldn’t even do any kinds of research because it just make me feel so low and my mind will probably messed up after reading a whole chunk of articles that may not even be true. Another point taken darling!

We’re supposed to do a HCG xray before our next appointment with Dr. Sadhana. But that can only be done exactly 10 days after my menstrual cycle. Which obviously we didnt manage to do so because in between we’re already headed to ICELAND. More photos from our endless honeymoon trip on my next entry. Promise!

Pursuit of miracle 1-4

I was expecting the cost to be doubled because you know its TFC, but it was not so bad I guess. Different gynae may ask you to go through different types of scan, this is mine and as I mentioned previously, your body may require different kind of observation.

Pursuit of miracle 1-2

More to come, but before anything else.. I can’t wait to share photos of my recent trip to ICELAND on the next blog post! Stay tuned! ❤

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