Iceland – The Planning

Never in my entire life have I imagined we’ll be visiting Iceland guys! It’s not even listed in my bucket list & this just happened. I have always knew that Fiq had wanted to see the Northern Lights eversince our courting days.

I knew, I just had too. Gifting him an early birthday trip.

It was in December 2016, we were randomly looking through photos in Facebook and he kept saying some day, he’ll step foot there. I had wanted to surprise him, so I did my own research online. I read through every blogpost that I could find on the www and everyone drives around to get to the most ridonkulous places in order to see the Northern Lights. Plan A on the surprised thingy had to abort because

1) I can’t drive

2) It’s gonna be a tiring trip if it’s only gonna be Fiq driving the entire 2 weeks we’re there. The drive around the whole greenland could stretch up to 10hrs or more!

Plan B? – To travel to another city, is what I had in mind. All the places that I listed, Fiq doesn’t feel the vibe. NYC, CANADA, EUROPE you  name it! He either just give a hmmm or a smile. No sign of enthusiasm there :s

The posting of FB post on Iceland became regular and I dont know what came into me, I typed on his wall and said ‘JOM’! Little did we realised that we do have friends who are keen to join us. I was really excited because not only we do have friends for company but we’re soooo going to Iceland baby!!

The planning continues throughout December rain or shine… Listed all the airlines that has enough room during transit. Our couple friend brought along their baby on this trip and we needed that time not to over stimulate the baby with the non stop flights and surroundings.

Onward to Iceland, we booked a flight with Qatar Airways. Eversince our first flight out with QR, we have never look back from that very decision. They have so much more to offer than our own national carrier. Besides that, with the Priviledge Card, I’ll get to enjoy mileage points with other Star Alliance partner and major domestic Europe flights! You guys can read more about it on their website. It’s really beneficial if you’re frequently traveling near or far.

Flight & Accomodation-04

Flight & Accomodation-03Flight & Accomodation-02

In total from SIN – DOH – HEL – CPH – KEF (QR / Icelandic Air) we spent a total of $1049.04 per pax. The flight ticket is reasonable and affordable in my honest opinion despite the transit in between. We had to take the flight to HEL – CPH as there weren’t seats available to accomodate all 5 of us with the baby. So we had no choice & had to go via HEL – CPH – KEF.

In total the flight time was close to 26hrs inclusive of the transit time. With this flight time, I’d reach USA already by then! hehe. Kudos to us all, we managed to sit still and not slit one another’s throat with our boredom.

Onward to Singapore we took a detour to Dubai for a week of feasting. We took multiple (Icelandic Air / QR / SQ) airlines before reaching to our final destination.. Singapore.

From KEF – CPH – DXB – SIN, we spent a total sum of $1108.90. Still very reasonable I must say!

Flight & Accomodation-13

Flight & Accomodation-14Flight & Accomodation-15


Moving on to our accomodation through Iceland and Dubai; In Iceland, there wasn’t much hotels to consider. The journey from one to place to another can easily take up long hours. We decided to AirBNB / Agoda to every city that we’ll be headed to.

From day 1 till Dubai accomodation we spent a total of $623 per pax for a total of 14 days.

Flight & Accomodation-07Flight & Accomodation-08Flight & Accomodation-09Flight & Accomodation-10Flight & Accomodation-11Flight & Accomodation-12

We also pre-booked our vehicle on the www because we did not wanna risk of not having the type of car that could accomodate us all. Which we spent a total with our additonal add ons of the insurance is approximately $2364. Per pax is $472.80

For the price that we paid for per pax, I still think it is still reasonable for the duration of 14 days of traveling. The places that we stayed in Iceland are areas where the Northern Lights visibility is really high hence it is well quoted. Alhamdulillah, all of the accomodation we took in Iceland, we managed to catch the Northern Lights ❤

In summary we spent a total of $3253.74 per pax for flights & accomodation. Well for me is doubled the amount because this whole trip as mentioned above is Fiq’s birthday trippin’. So if you’re looking for two pax that’s like a total of $6507.48

YUPPPPPP. That’s alot of money which could pass off as 1/3 of our renovation money. It was all worth it! I’ve attached the places that we stayed at if you’re considering to visit Iceland and have a view of the Northern Lights right infront of your very eyes! You’re most welcome ❤

More on our trip on the next post. Just the planning itself boleh pening you’alls!

Till, the next entry.. stay tuned!

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