Iceland – May the Foss be with you!

When we first drafted our itinerary, we really had no clue on which route should we take. If you read up closely on the Ring Road, it could stretch a minimum of 16 days to cover the whole trip.

As we have an infant with us, there are certain routes which are kind of not baby friendly. There’s live craters everywhere on the Fjords. Sulphur could be a dangerous thing for both kids and adults, so we omit those areas. After ticking off a number of location we are left with the Golden Circle (Gullfoss & Geysir), Foss (Seljalandsfoss / Skogafoss / Gluggafoss) , Stokness and the Jokulsarlon. Which we pretty much covered everything!

On Icelandic GMT, we started our day as early as 8AM. Sri and myself will start to prepare breakfast for everyone. We brought the whole of Mustaffa into our luggage guys because

1) Halal food options is ZILCH

2) Cold weather calls for maggie curry soup

3) We’re basically lapar all day everyday while in Iceland

We made everyone bring a cargo filled with dry stores because its really impossible to depend only on one person to get the groceries for 5 adults feed. Really.. tak cukup! Thankfully all of us are creative and we kind of surprised one another with our loots from Mustaffa Centre! I didnt know there’s curry ayam in a can okayyy (tinggal panaskan and it’s ready!) hahahaha!

Photo 26-4-17, 8 19 56 AM

There are certain Airbnb’s that we stayed for just one night because we drove onward to our next location. Our daily view on the road

Our first stop was Seljalandsfoss. It’s close to 2 hours drive from our first location, Revjavik. That’s their city name by the way! When we arrived there, it was drizzling, cold and slippery as the floor is still icy from the bad snow storm last week. We had to hold on to the ropes and hoping that we don’t fall into the Foss. It’s really high if you’re gonna consider hiking up.

Photo 26-4-17, 8 20 03 AMPhoto 26-4-17, 8 20 07 AMND5_9065ND5_9077ND5_9131

So beautiful! I can’t even put it into words. A high stream waterfall right infront of me. The weather was bad, so we had to cut short our stay here as it was starting to rain too. I have alot more photos here but due to the rain, the picture quality macro-ed on the raindrops instead according to Fiq. I didn’t bring mine, so I had to depend on Fiq’s DSLR. That’s why the quality also meletop, I know hahahah.

We didn’t have any lunch with us, so we decided to stop by the cafe that we get our hot chocolate fix daily. (well almost daily) The cold is crayyy guys. I can’t feel my fingers and had to ensure my fingers are not frozen and get frosted from the cold. I saw photos of travelers got their hands iced, cramped and bleed. Yikes!


Oh yes, we booked a 7 seater for this trip. It’s so spacious! It fits 8 big bags & still have enough leg room!

Onward to our next location is Skogafoss! This Foss here is well known right after Dilwale movie. Kajol was literally wearing a Sari and dancing  right beneath the Foss during the same month they filmed the movie. HOW COULD SHE POSSIBLY BE NOT COLD AT ALL?!! I am almost kejung right there. The strong wind blew the water off the Foss and it felt like we’re swimming on the surface. If you’re the kind who might feel lemas, I’d suggest you stay away to the end of the Foss.


Here I am, standing a distance away from the Foss and can you see the angry waterfall as it gushed down to the ground?! Good thing we bought our wind breaker and waterproof pants which we bought at the eleventh hour at Decathlon. This place so puaka okay.. semua benda nak beli because it’price tag is really affordable with its good quality traveling essentials.

That’s Fiq standing real close to the Foss. Even the DSLR couldn’t capture him. It was focus-ed more on the waterfall! Nie baru namanye don’t go chasing waterfalls, let’s stick to the rivers and the lakes that we used too… says TLC


Gluggafoss is one of our accidental finds while we were driving onwards to our next location. There’s just too many Foss here guys, you just gotta find the ones that will make it count and worth every of your stop over time. When we stopby this Foss, we were really lucky the weather was really sunny. Infact, it was kinda warm despite the temperature is set to drop at 0deg temperature at night. This Foss is so massive I tell you! We took turns to climb up to take photos of the rainbow that we saw shinning through on the inner part of the waterfall.


YUPPPPPP! We caught that live while climbing up the Foss just for this photo oppotunity with the rainbow. It’s not single but lightly doubled! We’re so near to it and it really feels so magical guys! I can’t even.

Photo 26-4-17, 8 20 16 AMND5_9669

Hehehehe. One for the Sundays!

Some points to take note. Always always come prepared with waterproof pants & jackets guys! It can get really really wet (even on a sunny day). The waterfall follows the direction of the wind, so you may end up where the winds are! You may want to consider a proper hiking boots as well. You can’t really see the struggle we had to endure while hiking up and down the Foss to get the most beautiful view of the Foss. Alot of walking and climbing which I cringe the most.. However, it was worth every minute our time while we’re at it. It doesn’t feel like an endless hike IMHO.

Whoa.. didn’t realised I actually type quite a lengthy post just on one part of the trip. I’ll blog more on the other places of interes that we went ahead on the next blog entry ok? For now.. enjoy your long weekend guys!

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