Iceland – DC plane wreck Sólheimasandur

You are right! We Singaporeans must be crazy to be visiting Iceland for this. But hey? Why not right? It’s listed one of the 10 most touristy spot in Iceland. While you’re there.. just go je!

Here’s the painful part before the beautiful view of the plane wreck.. you gotta walk a total of 8KM to and fro. Previously, you’re able to drive your 4X4 into the area, but apparently now the Icelanders make you walk for it!

I left my husband and friends and decided to go ahead with the walk first.

1- I know I’ll get more tired when you walk and talk nonsense at the same time

2- Maybe it’s just a mind set, I will give up easily.

Maybe it’s just me.. but I don’t wanna be the spoiler of this whole walk to the plane wreck, so I separated myself from the rest for that 45mins walk. I took a total of 45mins to and 30mins walk back. I don’t know why the walk back seem to be a breeze!

The weather was expected to be cold and sunny, but it was blistering hot man! Maybe because there were no trees in sight, and we’re directly under the sun while walking to the plane wreck. And the view? You wanna see the view?..


The view is really depressing if you ask me. As a consolation.. you get to view the mountains and a whole beach of black sands. Not everyday you get to see the mountain while having the walk of your life, right?

And in that moment, when you saw the view of the plane, my legs felt like a jello!


Me taking a break with a chocolate in hand to keep myself warm. Don’t be fooled by the sunray, it may seem hot and sunny but when the wind blow, it was crazy cold!

More photos of the plane below. This whole excursion felt like we’re in Singapore guys! Everywhere we turn, Singaporean lingo everywhere. Such is life.


I remembered we were out as early as 10AM because we wanted to avoid the crowd. I read it’s best to come during lunch time where there is lesser crowd, but I beg to differ.. cause lunch time or not, this place is crowded ok! See.. even our Sundays got orang-orang masok frame seh. hahahahha!

Some pointers if you would like to visit the location; bring some snacks/food and lots of water. By the end of the walk, I felt like a camel. I drank the 1.5l of waters all by myself which was meant to be shared by the way! I just can’t, it was dry and I am thirsty. Secondly, you may want to consider investing in the proper kind of shoes to visit the site. I was wearing my HUNTER boots, & there were scratches found & minor cuts / crack lines found on the boots. PLUS, it wasn’t that comfortable wearing a PVC walking on hot stones.

Well, well, well! I have 3 more blog entry to share with you! For that, you gotta wait for another day for another story! Till then xx

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