Iceland – Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon was one of my many to go list when I was planning out our itinerary. I havent been any where near to an iceberg! Global warming is real guys, most of the icebergs have melted. Jokulsarlon is meant to be the coldest and harsh Icelandic area, however when we were there, ice were melting and broke into pieces. It’s truly sad šŸ˜¦

The drive to Jokulsarlon from where we were took us close to 3hrs. We had wanted to join the ice cave expedition but because we had a baby in tow, we can’t do that activity. Kinds below 8 aren’t allowed to do such activity due to different altitude while we’re in the ice cave šŸ˜¦

Well, all that don’t matter because the view was simply breath taking! Just look at that! So peaceful, cold and serene ā¤


There’s a cafe nearby but because its the only cafe.. it’s crowded with hooomans! I had to queue for an hour just to use the washroom guys! It’s that bad. Oh yes, please bring wet tissue / tissue ok? Im just glad we brought along a hell lot of wet tissue and dry ones!


I have no words to describe this feeling but all I can say is that, I’m truly blessed to be here with Fiq and our friends who share the same motivation as I am. It’s a lifetime experience. Be there to experience this amazing journey!

Last part of our journey to Stokness up next on the blog soon? Till then!


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