3 – HSG

Selamat Hari Raya guys! Pretty sure this space gets dusty as I age huh? I have tons to write about, but what I’m gonna blog today is the utmost important story in my life.

HSG test. Boy it sure was nerve wrecking experience that very morning! I was given an appointment for HSG test to ensure there is no blockage on my fallopian tubes. Dr. Sadhana did said that it felt like we’re doing pap smear, with a tiny bit of uncomfortable feeling.

I think I can handle that, or I thought so?

9AM and I’m all decked in a pretty pink lab suit lying flat on my back with my knees up like in a position of giving birth. Not that I have given birth, I watch countless seasons of Greys Anatomy guys. You have no idea how much sweat form up within my forehead, palms and back. I think it’s more due to the anxiety! LOL

It wasn’t Dr. Sadhana who did the HSG for me, it was another Dr. which I totally forgotten what her name was. She inserted a spatula look-a-like tool into my vagina because apparently that tool assist in opening up my lady V. As she unscrew it, I can literally feel my vagina is opening up. Sorry guys too much info!

Right after she inserted the spatula thingy, she told me shes gonna insert a 1CM balloon into the womb area and at the same time she’s gonna try to release the iodine liquid to see if it goes through my fallopian tubes. – IT FAILED

When she said that I was already in kancheong spider mode cause alot of negative thoughts filled up my cloud drive. And then she said, ouh your cervix is not open that’s why! – PHEW THANK GOD!

She made me re-adjust my lying down position to ensure my bum and legs up in a relax mode. The second time when she inserted this balloon thing it was prety uncomfortable 😦 I hope it’s not due to because she’s forcing my cervix to open up. And again the cervix failed to open up 😦

2CM balloon went right in, 3CM balloon went it both FAIL. I was pretty much in tears cause it was already such an uncomfortable feeling down there and I feel so bloated. Looking at the the Dr’s face, I can see she was also pretty much disappointed herself. She came up to me and said “Can I call my senior doctor in to have a second opinion on this? But he is a male doctor, will you be comfortable with it?”


Senior Dr came in and his approach was really welcoming. He came in, have little chats with me and went through my history file. He was pretty shock that his junior Dr uses a 3CM balloon in me and said to me politely “It must be really uncomfortable you’re feeling? Im sorry, but it’s part of the procedure”- YES (well now I understand why women prefers male gynae! They’re so gentle and comforting with their words & actions!)

He sat at the same stool where the lady Dr sat when she did the procedure on me and step by step he told me what he’s doing and what he’s inserting. So basically all the same till there was some point, (which I can’t remember what we’re talking about and it made me relax and laugh) he said it’s done! Your fallopian tubes are Ok! The iodine liquid went through both of your tubes. – ALHAMDULILLAH. Again lah, I cry. He said this is the longest he did this HSG on any patient. I went out of the surgery room an hour and a half later, hugged Fiq and told him I wanna go home.

Even after the procedure is done, I still felt uncomfortable.

  1. the iodine is still dripping from my internal area
  2. there’s slight bleeding and abrasion feeling
  3. bloated level 100

That was it on my HSG experience. Met Dr. Sadhana 2 weeks after for a follow up check and was told my timeline will go as per her timeline. We took Lectrozole before our HSG but it failed cause obviously we didn’t get pregnant. But the side effects of Lectrozole were of a preganant lady. I have nauseas and constant tiredness that wears me out.

Next up on our timeline – IUI

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