4 – The start of IUI procedure

According to Dr. Sadhana timeline, next up on our list is IUI. Many of you know that IUI is similar to IVF. They have two types of protocol. One is through oral medication, and the other is through self injection.

Dr. Sadhana suggested us to go through the 2nd protocol because our initial Lectrozole didn’t worked any charm on me when I consume that. At least we know that I am fertilizing well and have eggs release within me when I consumed Lectrozole.

We trust the professionalism of Dr. Sadhana not only because we read so much about her success stories but her determination to guide us and assure us that nothing is 100% but at least we tried. It takes alot of courage to motivate her patients especially for us ladies who had been trying to conceive. To have her as your gynae, is even a bonus.

Way before Lectrozole days, Dr. Sadhana gave us a pamphlet on UIU to read more about it before the timeline falls on IUI schedule. Me being me, I googled and even watched VLOGS on both success and non success stories of ladies who have it easy and the latter. In all honesty, it got me in tears watching all these VLOGS. There’s so much reality that there are alike women all over the world who had difficulties in conceiving. I truly feel their emotions. Here’s to you ladies, strong ladies that goes through all the pain and constantly praying to be blessed with a child ❤

HSG done, Lectrozole done. Next was the briefing and teaching of the injections. The injections part is something I am not looking forward to. I am scared of needles guys. Days before the briefing I’ve been having nervous and anxiety emotions thinking about the jab. THE HORROR!

During the briefing, the nurses taught me how to count my period cycle. At the age of 30, I realised I have been calculating the cycle wrongly! Did you guys know when there is full flow and after 24hrs of full flow, its considered as day 1? All along  I thought there’s full flow, so that’s day 1. So if you’re like me and unsure, you can refer to this cycle count.


YUP. As you can see from the cycle count, I have to jab myself up to day 14 days. I need to jab in between the fats below my belly buttons, alternate between the left and right side.

So yesterday, we had our first dry run. I am supposed to remember the steps because right after lunch, I have to jab the real medicine to myself. That 10 times I held the position to jab me, I was shaking – because needles!

Went for lunch, and drop our prescription at the pharmacy to collect the syringe, alcohol swabs and medications. Fiq tried to calm me down from the dry run. Although its not the real thing but its still needles, and I am still terrified by it. Like it or not after lunch I have to jab myself 😦

Collected everything that I needed and went straight to the room for the real thing. Call me a cry baby, I was already crying my eyes out. I think I made the nurse panic and in shock to see a grown woman in tears like a kid. I just can’t do it. In the end, Fiq did it for me- my personal nurse who vow to jab me every morning for the next 13 days. Thanks B!


At the moment the dose I am supposed to take 75mg of Puregon, jab daily for the next 3 days. I’ll be heading back to KKH 3 days after for scanning and check if I am required to increase the dose. Some facts of the side effects are nauseas, headache and easily lethargic. Same effect like I had for Letrozole. I did overcome it before and I will do so for this as well.

That was day 1 for me and I am at home with day 2 self jab by Fiq this morning. It was alittle more painful than yesterday probably because my pain threshold for my left side is not as high as compared to my right. YUPPP, both left and right has needle punch blue black marks which I’ve been assured that it will fade away.

Time for bed rest and more happy thoughts along the way! I have alot to write about but, I’ll save it for another day! Cheers to me ❤

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