5 – Folicles

The past 3 days of self injection were pretty rough for me. I have bruises formed up below my belly button and a nasty headache. With Lectrozole, the headache were kind of bearable but during IUI, the headache just doesn’t seem to go away.

I tried to lie down and take naps, but apparently, laying down doesn’t help one bit. My head is literally spinning guys! I’d give it a 8/10 for this nasty one. Don’t get me started on the bloatedness. My stomach is literally ballooning up like a 3months old pregnant lady. Everthing spells uncomfortable at this stage 😦

So today is day 4, and we’re scheduled to visit the clinic for observation every 3 days of self-injection. We came as early as 8AM thinking we could avoid the crowd at KKH but boy I was wrong! There are also other ladies who came way earlier, even before the clinic opens. Now talk about kiasu-ism eh!

It was really really really really a long wait for the scan guys. Our number only got called in an hour later. I have to keep my bladder full to ensure the reading is accurate. Can you imagine I tahan since morning (7AM to be precise)

Our number got called in and within seconds I was already laying down half naked, leg spread out and with a scanner inserted. Yup, talk about violation of Ms. V, this is literally it. LOL!

The purpose of this scan if to measure the size of my folicles. A ready to infuse (sperm) size of folicle is measuring between 15-20mm. As of today, my folicles were 9mm and 8.5mm sizing for both left and right. According to the nurse, it is growing healthily base on the injection dose.

What now?

Since I am already into my 5th day of period and almost drying up, the doctor told me that they will need to increase the injection dose from 75ml to 100ml. OH GOOD LORD! Already at 75ml the headache is one kind, now at 100ml I CAN’T EVEN guys! She reminded me that within another week or 2 the insemination will begin. That’s when I’m supposed to be ovulating and that is also when Fiq needs to submit his sperm that morning.


YUPPPPP. Upgraded to second box already :s

While explaining about the insemination further, the nurse did mention that during this time, we are not allowed to have sex as this may cause more complication. (you can lah but need to practice safe sex!) You must be wondering why right? CAUSE SAME. HAHAHA! – Well the main reason is that, during an insemination, they’re monitoring the sperm and my eggs to ensure that it find its way to each other, but there are factors like it could form twins, triplets, quadruplets if during this point of time we do not practice safe sex. Maybe for some of us, this could be a good thing, but it’s not in this case. We’ve come this far, so the both of us nod in agreement.

Here we are again at it again, only this time it’s been increased to 100ml for the next 3 days. Another scan awaits us next Monday. Here’s hoping the folicles grow healthily ❤

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