6 – Ovulation Test Kit

Today marks the third time in a span of one week I’ve been instructed to go for an ultrascan. Always a scare session when the nurses read out loud the dimension of my folicles. I’ve been told that they’re looking out for the measurement to hit 17mm before the next step of medication for me.

The waiting time at KKH gets longer as the day pass by. Fiq was sharing with me the other day that it seems women in Singapore do have problems trying to conceive.

For real, guys. Really.

Every time we’re here at KKH waiting area for our consultation, the number of patients outnumbered the seats at the holding area. Alot of women we saw, looking at their watch, probably thinking if they should get an MC or rush to work.. Times like this, I am grateful that I left my job. Honestly, I don’t think any one there would understand especially when you have to visit the hospital every 2-3days for a scan. Looking at the ladies with their worried faces written all over, I am just glad I didn’t have to be in their position.

I did the OTK right after my scan. The readings of my folicles were growing constantly.

R- 13.5mm, L- 10mm


A tiny bit more till I hit the magic number and then it’s insemination day! As you can see from the photos, it is still negative for now. When it shows positive, I have to rush down to KKH and they will need to re-measure again and a new set of injections will be given to me. I heard there’ll be two different types of jabs that I have to take. I shall not stress myself on that one because my hands are itching to google on it and by google-ing it, isn’t really working well for me. Just go with the flowwwwww….

Nothing new though, but I’m kinda nervous for whats coming the next couple of days. Not only I’ll be ovulating, I’ll be in that exact position whereby JLO did an IUI/IVF in The Back Up Plan.


Hehehehe. Till my next post xx

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