7 – The day is finally here!

Time must have past me by too quickly that I didn’t realised we’re already into day 14 of my self jab journey. I have completed all 13 +1 trigger shot jab last night. I even had some time to head out and have Japanese food before I’m confined to home for another week.

Last Friday trip to KKH filled me in with lots of emotions. Not helping one bit that I was at the hospital alone cause Fiq had to work that morning. It was just another day of Ultrascan day for me and I was pretty much sure that my folicles still need some time for it to grow. Two days before Friday, my biggest was measuring only 13.5mm, and I was kinda shock that Friday morning it grew well to 18mm.

ELATED I AM, but as usual, I was pretty shock myself because I didnt expect it to be so soon in a span of 2 days. Nurses told me I had to proceed with Insemination on Saturday morning, provided if the OTK shows positive on Saturday morning. The nurses thought the left side would grow as fast as the right, but it didn’t happen.

Peed on the OTK and it showed negative. God knows that we’re probably not ready that Saturday morning with Fiq having a wedding event that same day. It’s confirmed… we’re going for a half day insemination on Monday morning!

I was much much relaxed cause at least my head is not as cluttered as it was compared to Friday when everything seemed so rush here and there. I even had some time to re-watch The Back Up Plan whereby JLO did an IUI and it was 100% successful on screen. Bagging a twin while at that! Well.. it’s just a movie, even Dr. Sadhana says chances are pretty slim and it all boils down to fate and luck – which I couldn’t agree more Dr!

Last night was pretty emotional too as I  bid goodbye to Perugon (left) that morning and at night I had a closing jab of Ovidrel (right) @ 250ml – YUPPP from 75ml to 100ml to 250ml. You probably can imagine how much my head spin last night. Somehow, I managed to make a trip down to have my Japanese meal. On top of that I was also given an antibiotic to consume.


So this is it, the day we’ve been anticipated is here comes tomorrow ❤ Just like many other hopefuls, we only wish for happy news and redha with whatever come may. Wish us luck guys! ❤


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