8 – Insemination

We reached KKH way way early that day. 745AM and Fiq was ready to get his lil tykes washed before my insemination at 1030AM. I wasn’t really worried but more so thinking if it’s a pain-less procedure. HAHAHA!

By now you would have already known that my pain threshold is really low! We had about 2 and a half hours to chill before I could proceed to the surgery room. So we had breakfast and a great chat talking about the possibility of having twins via IUI. That conversation came out of nowhere! Probably we’re expecting a little too much but the both of us redha with whatever Allah bestowed to us in this life.

Checked in and my number got called within the next half hour of waiting time. As usual, me being the cheerful and jovial person that I am, I laughed and crack conversation with the nurses there. That’s like me trying to put away the worried thoughts within me.


From my lucky number to the bed to me being half naked and covered while the doctor inseminate me. Had little chats with the lady Dr, whom I totally can’t remember what her name was too. She explained that Fiq’s little tykes head count is a healthy number and wishes me good luck before inserting some tubing into my lady V.

The procedure is seamless! Felt like we’re doing pap smear only that we’re manually injected with hubby’s little tyke! When I was in the surgery room, the nurses told me to undress my bottom half and put my legs up accordingly. I was pretty intrigued by the green colour cloth that covered half part of me. I have never done any surgery in my life before and this is definitely an eye opener.

I took some of these photos for memory sake. To remind myself that we ikhtiar and berusaha. Also to remind my kids (in future), how badly we wanted them in our lives. 1 more week for my Progesterone test and another 2 weeks for my blood test to determine my pregnancy.

Can’t wait till 14 August comes!

Till then xx

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