9 – Progesterone

It’s been a week right after insemination and it kind of feel odd not going to KKH on a regular basis. We went today for my Progesterone blood test. Honestly? I don’t even know what kind of reading that I’m supposed to achieve.

The usual, we reached at 8AM and the waiting area is still as crowded since I last visited. Within 5minutes, my number got called in and had lovely chats with the nurse. I was asking the nurse what is this test for and if there’s anything that I should be concerned about? – They can’t be taking my blood any-o-how without having any explanations right?

“Dr. Sadhana requested for the Progesterone blood test to check on the thickness of your cervix lining. This is to ensure the dosage of your next medication is accurate” – HMMMMM.. I wasn’t sure why I am not really impressed with the reply though.

Fiq told me not to think too much with whatever the nurse had explained to me, cause he knows that I will google about it till no end. Prior to that, I had some white-ish discharged the past 2 nights. Following with it comes my monthly pimple, which could be an indication that my period is coming though. How complicated we women are? The hormone imbalance is getting on my nerves sometimes hahaha!

One more week for till another blood test to determined my pregnancy results! Till then ❤


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