12 – Password protected

Ever since I’ve decided to put the password protected, my IG inbox has been swamped with ladies whose been asking about my well being. I really appreciate the messages that have been sent to me. It really means a lot to me at this stage, as I knew I am never alone in this journey.

One of the few reasons why I decided to privatised my #pursuitofmiracle post is because of the reader stats that’s been booming from 9k to 16k within two weeks I started blogging about my IUI journey.

Trust me, by the time I blog about my IVF journey next, it could even be more looking at the readers’ stats.

Honestly, I’m quite worried if it attracts the wrong crowd. You know it’s pretty hard to please everyone these days. Especially now that the internet is like a free space whereby everyone can just blow their head off being a keyboard warrior.

‘What if this blog journey is perceived as ‘macam faham’ post about a girl who’s trying to conceive? ‘

‘What if it became viral, am I ready to face a lot more questions coming my way?’

‘What if I hurt some readers with my happy / sad news?’

… and the list goes on. I do share the password to my close friends and long time social network friends whom been following me ever since I was 16. I do appreciate these friendships because one thing for sure, they’ve seen me through my life. However, I do appreciate it if the password is not shared around. Please let me be the one who shares the password with you as I would prefer to know who’s been reading this space and hopefully it could turn into a healthy friendship and an even healthier food for thought/sharing session/advice exchanged kind of relationship.

Last but not the least, thank you for reading this space! I’m 2 weeks away for my IVF treatment. More protected post coming right up. Doakan yang terbaik for me my friends ❤

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