It was the 1st of April when I decided to leave my semi corporate job to be in charge of FBS. & what do you know, it still lasted me up to date. 5months of being home is no easy feat, to be honest.

I won’t say it’s a typical schedule for me as Fiq gave me the flexibility of taking charge of chores/ errands at my convenience.

So.. why the no easy feat then?

Wanna know why? The chores never end! Every other day I’m seen running for time. Time to clean (vacuum, laundry, dusting) the house, time to do some marketing, time to cook me lunch, time to get FBS errands done. By the time I’m headed out to run some chores for FBS, it’ll be already 4 PM. And no fun when Uber, grab & taxi sky rocket their surcharge after office hours. I ever spent close to $30 just to reach Orchard when it’s barely 15mins from my place to Orchard though. – Tough schedule huh?

All in all, I do find joy in being home. I have all the time to manage on my own without having to sacrifice my weekends with the other millions of Singaporeans rushing for seats to get brunch, jalan-jalan in town & what not. I hate weekend in a crowded place.

I’ve been asked a lot of times if I do get bored being home most of the time? Honestly? with that kind of errands daily, I don’t get bored but burn out all the time. A willing & satisfied kind of burn out feeling. I am still thinking if I should find myself a full-time job next year. I don’t know, maybe.. maybe not!

I guess 2018 will determine it all ❤ More plans to come!


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