Welcome to my 3D wonderland

Right after our unpleasant episode with the people behind I-kena-Con, we didn’t wait for no further and proceeded to look for another contractor. Fiq has a friend who actually does all this building frenzy. We hooked him up within that same week and that very same week too, we closed the deal with his pal, F.

It was last two Sundays when we had a meet up at my new place with F & James – the contractor. I was initially confused with F role, as I thought he was the contractor for our home. He does the planning and finance part of the business while James is the handyman that does the core job. Above all, the process from our first meet up was seamless. James understood from A- Z from my detailed mood board. As you can see from my IG story, I did a precise mood board from the entrance to the two toilets.

After all the discussions, we finally received our much-deserved 3D which was supposedly received way back.

Kitchen – I had wanted some elements of herringbone in our home, so instead of having in subway tiles form, James suggested it to be on the floor. We can save on the costing because 1) tiles are really expensive and 2) cleaning up part may be quite a challenge for me. – Point taken!


Dining Area / Bomb shelter room – YES & YES to both! Told James to do up a counter top for me and he modified the look to a better version. Previously I had wanted to have a similar look like Enzo’s place, but he thinks to have it the other side of the counter top will be of a use in any case I haven’t got the time to shop for my dining table/chairs. – His choice of words guys… this I must emphasize! He could have simply put it out to me as no budget, but instead, he put it in a nice way (haven’t got the time to shop) I am totally impressed with this dude already!

If you see on your right, those doors are the passage way to our ugly bomb shelter which is right smack in between our living room & dining area. The site is pretty an eye sore TBH! James came up with a door that leads to the bomb shelter while the rest of the doors, he turned it into a shoe rack! We didn’t really want a shoe rack, but why not since he thinks for us way ahead. Another great job!


Living room – Fiq had wanted a shelving area to put our books. Without us realizing, James actually takes note of our passing remark while we’re on site. He made one for Fiq right down at the living area. Thank you, boss, for being attentive! We didn’t do much carpentry at the living area because I have the tendency to move around furniture, hence we didn’t build anything fix. James also suggested having a herringbone brick look on our feature wall. As you can see, he did it in half for us to do a comparison. Indeed brick wall is already so passè, I could use the herringbone design for my home! We’ll consider that part of the wall again.

Right behind the couch is the room that we’ll be hacking and gonna fix a collapsible door for our working studio. Yup, that’s right. A home office ❤  I shall leave it a confidential space for now and will blog more about it once it is completed on this side of the room alright?


Spare room / future kids room – We have decided to build a wardrobe instead of getting a make shift wardrobe for our future kid/parents (who may move in with us in the future). This was an impromptu decision, but it’s ok! We decided to build the same for our MBR as well which I will talk more about it below.


Master Bed Room – Everything is perfect in our little nest. We have wanted to have that cozy feel but we got a lot more instead. James turned into a resort feel for us! So cozy and so warmth indeed! A lot of the contractors kept telling us that an L shape wardrobe is the trend for BTO houses now, but I don’t really like it! Told James that no L shape wardrobe for me and stick to the boring two sliding door for me and walla! – That toilet door though! Bringing in to life ❤


This is the other side of our MBR room. How dreamy can our MBR get? I have a built in the seating area to wind down. Below the seats are built in wardrobe guys! Since we have an extra space at the corner, James suggested to built another wardrobe to store my handbags and junks. Lovely idea indeed! You must be wondering if I’m gonna leave it open concept like that, but no. We’ll have it built the same like our other wardrobe (white frame & mirrored)


Common & MBR toilets – Need I say more? Everything is just so sleek! I didn’t really want to have a vanity cupboard on the toilet cause I know for sure there be mold building up. Told James I just want something minimal to maybe put my soaps & towels for guests. And I’m loving what I see ❤


All in all, I am really satisfied with our 3D drawing. Precise to the T! I actually don’t know what’s their company called hahaha My bad! It’s through Fiq’s friend that we managed to get down with everything. Reno works starting on Sept 11 and based on their schedule, the handover will be on the 25th October! I so can’t wait! ❤

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