Iceland – Stokness

7 months late from our overdue-d Iceland trip blog update. I kept procrastinating cause there’s just so many photos to choose from our 2weeks trip to dreamland! Our second last stop before heading to the city is Stokness.

Dilwale filmed part of the scene here where Kajol & Shah Rukh Khan walked on water, literally. We didn’t pay to experience the crystal clear water, as the view from the outside is enough to gag our hearts out!

& we saw Ponies!


Iman is so brave! Unlike his aunty here, typically not animal-friendly which my friends can testify to that! hahaha

We headed out as early as 7AM that morning as the drive down took us approximately 4hours to Stokness. It was pretty cloudy + windy and it was raining ice too! It’s a mild one and I didn’t take any photos for fear it’ll break my phone (just in case!)


On the day we arrived at Stokness, the snowcap on the mountain was already melting. I think it would be an even perfect view if the whole mountain is covered in snow!


Yupp, meet the crew who tolerated each other’s nonsense for that 2 whole weeks! I think we’re all good ❤


Hello from us! I have another part of our trip to blog about. It’s our stop-over in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. I’ll talk about it more when I procrastinate lesser, ok?

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