4 years on

19 October holds a special place in our hearts. We decided on forever and the rest is history! A lot of our friends asked if the date symbolize any specific events? TBH, it doesn’t HAHA. Just a date where the two of us had no other plans but to get married – that’s the absolute truth guys!

I decided to bring Fiq out for a date to the Halia at the Botanic Gardens that night. I wouldn’t say it was the best fine dining experience we had, but it was acceptable. I was actually expecting a table set up/etiquette because the individual mains that we paid for was ranging between $40-50 odds! It looked to me more like a cafe ambience but at a double price of a cafe.

My verdict? 6/10. It wasn’t the best for me. I could have brought him to somewhere else with the amount that we paid for with an even better ambience. A for effort though, that they remembered the reservations was for our anniversary!

What matter the most, is this person right here with me. The person who walked through every step with my hand in hand and giving me every reason to think good about everything. My soulmate ❤

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