Hello 2019?

Wow, it has been awhile hor?

I’ve been questioning myself if I should even continue blogging since I haven’t been diligently blog and been paying monthly subscriptions because gatal me wants the .com so much lah! Microblogging is like my go-to these days. From IG post to IG stories. You can see my mengarutness there @spoleczny hahaha.

So.. what is truly up in my life? As many of you would have read, I did my very first IVF in 2017 which unfortunately ended up in a miscarriage. Ever since then, I have kept myself busy, but never forgotten that very day. I salute these ladies who’s been through multiple IVF and for some even – multiple miscarriages. I’d go crazy! My first MC got me in a rut. Took me a while and a whole lot of prayers to get me through the ordeal that HE has put me through. Perhaps I’m a fighter and that I am the choosen one.

Moving on, I am feeling much much better. Although at times, I caught myself looking at embryo photos and scans of my rainbow child.

So what’s next?

I am not too sure myself. I have friends telling me to take a break from IVF and just let it flow naturally. Err, okay it’s been close to 6 years and there is nothing – so naturally done deal is out for us (even though Doctor has certified that there is nothing wrong with the both of us). Also, our age is catching up real fast. We have no time to fikir slow and steady. Maybe I may consider doing another round of IVF, and maybe I will blog about it again? Just maybe kot.

Other than trying to create babies, we’ve been truly blessed through #RUMAHTHEABDULS. Our home been featured on quite a number of established media such as IKEA, HDB, Second Charm and more. This year will be our second year! So fast eh. Part nak tunggu rumah siap peeehhh lambat nak siap. Which brings us to the topic if we will ever move out from here.

I have dreams of staying in a mansionette seh. Before we got this BTO, we had a mansionette offer in Pasir Ris for the same price of our current home. But, that point of time I wasn’t flying anymore and our job is literally in town. So, we gave it a missed lor. Now thinking about it, macam wasted pulak! Never mind, mana tau after 5 years ade rezeki tinggal masionette. hehehhe AMIN!

And Alhamdulillah, Fleurs is up and running for another year of business. We’re half way fully booked in 2020, can you believe it? Crazy to know that wedding scene macam hot cakes! Nonetheless, I am grateful for the sustenance. I get to work on my own pace and work from home & convenience. I don’t have to drag my ass to work and do a job that I dread a lot. HAHAHA. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

Well, here’s to my next update which I can’t wait to blog about – my recent trip to Japan! We took a 10 days break before Ramadhan starts and we truly deserved it for working too hard for the first half of the year!

Stay tuned for now, I guess? ❤

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