the search has end.. akhirnya!

hati banyak lega! finally i can breathe alil. kain sudah hantar lor! eggcited. aunty tailor was reluctant because apparently she has alot on hwr hands to sew. but i'll get to that part soon. so on saturday.. took my pippa out in search for a good tailor. we enquire a couple of seamstress and apparently … Continue reading the search has end.. akhirnya!

sex and the city by the yatch

its movember november! our very own miss independent turns 25. in neyo's words... she's got her own things that's why we love her! truly sex and the city theme. midweek nights by the yatch gazing at the stars and just talk anything under the moon. things have certainly change, but age is just a number … Continue reading sex and the city by the yatch