Hello 2019?

Wow, it has been awhile hor? I've been questioning myself if I should even continue blogging since I haven't been diligently blog and been paying monthly subscriptions because gatal me wants the .com so much lah! Microblogging is like my go-to these days. From IG post to IG stories. You can see my mengarutness there … Continue reading Hello 2019?


It was the 1st of April when I decided to leave my semi corporate job to be in charge of FBS. & what do you know, it still lasted me up to date. 5months of being home is no easy feat, to be honest. I won't say it's a typical schedule for me as Fiq … Continue reading SAH-W

Name Card

Recently, #fleursbyspoleczny orders have been piling up and at the same time, I've been meeting up with other young entrepreneurs for future collaboration (more to share the next time). & Of all the many things that I have cautiously prepare for every meetings, I overlooked the one important thing that every aspiring entrepreneurs should carry … Continue reading Name Card