Iceland – Stokness

7 months late from our overdue-d Iceland trip blog update. I kept procrastinating cause there's just so many photos to choose from our 2weeks trip to dreamland! Our second last stop before heading to the city is Stokness. Dilwale filmed part of the scene here where Kajol & Shah Rukh Khan walked on water, literally. … Continue reading Iceland – Stokness


Iceland – Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon was one of my many to go list when I was planning out our itinerary. I havent been any where near to an iceberg! Global warming is real guys, most of the icebergs have melted. Jokulsarlon is meant to be the coldest and harsh Icelandic area, however when we were there, ice were melting … Continue reading Iceland – Jokulsarlon