Santorini, Greece 2016

                                                                         So we made it into Santorini ever since my last post HERE. We had initially wanted to head down to NYC for 2 weeks, but I guess my surprise for … Continue reading Santorini, Greece 2016


and the celebration continues..

  My kind of hanging out usually evolve around food. You know when they say food gets people together? Yeah, I so live by that quote.  Over the weekend, we met up with Syaza & Ilyas over dinner at Carousel. Fiq looooove this place so much. I think if this place has some kind of … Continue reading and the celebration continues..

Name Card

Recently, #fleursbyspoleczny orders have been piling up and at the same time, I've been meeting up with other young entrepreneurs for future collaboration (more to share the next time). & Of all the many things that I have cautiously prepare for every meetings, I overlooked the one important thing that every aspiring entrepreneurs should carry … Continue reading Name Card