To 2015

Someone used to tell me that once you have reached 25year old, time will pass you by real fast. I didn't wanna believe it in the beginning, looks like it has proven me right. 9 more days till 2015, where did 2014 go? Macam tak rasa gitu. Eversince we started dating, Fiq and I have … Continue reading To 2015

365 days ago wedding prep (part 5)

Initially, Fiq didn't wanna have any pre-wedding photoshoot. God knows for whatever reasons he has. I didn't pressure him any further since he has already made up his mind that he prefers to have a post wedding shots instead. Entah ape angin that very day, he was hanging with Syahruz, Fiq texted me if I … Continue reading 365 days ago wedding prep (part 5)