see, heavens got a plan for you

hey kids, did i ever tell you how crazy february have been? so much for hoping things gonna be smooth, it got a lil intense. your dad and i? hmmm we've been apart for the longest time. 15 freakin' days!! very dramatic but yea, we did. your dad never fail to impress me every single … Continue reading see, heavens got a plan for you

stupid cupid

hello february. i hope nothing but the best for the rest of the month. january hasnt been the best month. if there's a button to turn back the hands of time, i would wanna erase every single details! i kid you not kids. i think your dad feels the same way too! tsktsk. here's to … Continue reading stupid cupid


promise you i will only be seen wearing you during summer (hot sunny day) in singapore! you're the next best gift ever apart from your big sister, jumbo! dear you, let's start counting down till... the 19/10/2013.